AllFlexJobs allows you to post a job or a banner.

Banner Placement:

This is currently handled by signing up through our sister site, Simply select the ‘Ultimate’ package to get started.

Once signed up, email your banner to:

Click here to learn more about banner advertising.


  • You’ll receive access to *every feature* Listiller has to offer
  • Your banner appears on both Listiller and AllFlexJobs
  • Your banner is NOT blocked by ad-blockers (giving you even more exposure!)
  • Extremely low monthly price

Post a Job:

You may post a remote paying job based on any industry and field.

Note: Once paid, you will be redirected to Listiller (our sister site) to submit your job. It will ultimately appear here.


  • Your job remains “sticky” (featured) for 30 days here on AllFlexJobs
  • Guaranteed syndication to at least 3 other job boards (for greater exposure)
  • We promote your job on social media throughout the month (Twitter, Linkedin)
  • Your job is sent to our newsletter subscribers
  • Pay with PayPal
  • Was your job filled in 3 days or less? Email us within this time-frame and we’ll reimburse you!

Extra benefit: If you’re posting a writing or editing job, it will also appear on the Listiller job board (which is exclusive to such gigs). Otherwise, all jobs will appear here on AllFlexJobs.

How to Post a Job:

Submit a job – $20: Click here

Note: Once paid, you will be redirected to Listiller (our sister site) to submit your job. It will ultimately appear here.


  • Jobs must be remote, or at least largely remote
  • Jobs must compensate workers (no biz ops or work for exposure)
  • Jobs must not hide behind a paywall or similar method
  • All jobs will be reviewed prior to publishing. Incompatible jobs will be declined and refunded